A Friend in Need

Update: our friend’s mom lost her battle with cancer a few months after this post.  But the outpouring of love and support his family received was astounding.  Friends, family and local organizations rallied and donated more than double the goal that was set, eliminating financial concerns so the family could focus on simply loving her for the rest of her life.

It’s the season of giving.  The season of love, peace and joy.

i’ve always loved this time of year.   The routine of daily life, is made lighter as the focus shifts to gratitude and giving.

People step up at this time of year…

  • Good will Santa’s ring bells and we drop change in the bucket.
  • Marines rally to collect Toys for Tots and we donate
  • Food banks need help to meet heavier demands and we contribute more canned goods

i’ve done those things (and others like them) in past years, and felt good thinking about how my small contribution might impact a stranger’s life for the better at a time when love, peace and joy might feel out of reach because of their circumstances.

This year, it’s a little different.

This year, someone we know is need.

photo courtesy of gettyimages.com
photo courtesy of gettyimages.com

Not an anonymous stranger – a member of our community.

And not just any member of our community – a friend.

He didn’t ask me to write this.

i’m writing this because i know he wouldn’t.

i’m writing this because i know that we care about each other in this community and that we back our words of caring with action.

Mike and Skyla have given so much of their time and love to the local community and right now, we have an opportunity to do more than just say “thank you.”  We have an opportunity to demonstrate thanks in the form of a donation to the GoFundMe Campaign Mike set up for his mom and dad.

i have a challenge for you

Please take 3 minutes to reach out to Skyla for further information about the story behind the need for the fund, and consider making a small sacrifice that will have a huge impact.

  • sacrifice the fee for the next play party that you were planning to attend and donate that money to Mike’s mom and dad instead; there will be other play parties
  • sacrifice your next toy or rope purchase; you can buy it later
  • sacrifice the next NHOT event you were going to attend, we’d love to see you but under these circumstance, we’d prefer to see you later, rather than sooner

And my final challenge is to ask that you share this post to help spread the word.

Love and peace and joy, to you!