Kneel Tall

Once in a while your path collides with someone with energy so warm and gentle and bright and big and full of love that you just know you have work to do together.

It was like that when i met mindy.

on the right path
A path with heart

i’m all about being my true self and sharing it with others who want to embrace their true selves.

She’s all about the creative process of aligning deep truth with living boldly to manifest personal, badass alchemical magic.

Because those are the places where transformations occur that deliver unadulterated joy!

Enter, Kneel Tall – an awesome day (just for submissives) to explore submission through archetypes then creatively express those discoveries on a vision board.  It was a great day and we can’t wait to do it again!

i could tell you all about it but mindy did such a good job doing that on her blog, that i’ve simply re-posted it below.

Sexy Soul Work
by xxmindy

On my way to teaching my workshop this weekend, I was very aware of a certain threshold I felt I was about to step over.

It seemed like a gateway moment and leaping over some imaginary line of my own teaching, exploring authentic sexuality in the language of paper and paste I’ve only used for more “vanilla” pursuits.

It was a new kind of bravery and reaching outside my comfort zone, yet it was also so natural, familiar, and felt like the logical next step.

It was integration, validation, and a sort of celebration (at least inside of my happy heart!).

Although the underlying subtext of this particular class may have been different than my usual workshops, the landscape looked and felt very much the same: beautiful humans taking the time and space to dig deep and learn more about their desires to understand and be understood.

The universality of this work never ceases to amaze… the bravery… the yearning… the honesty and soul-searching nature of seeking Truth.

It is always alchemy for gold.

The conversation was about history, narrative, experience, mythology, communication and connection. Even in sexuality there are always common threads.

In big and small ways, we simply spent the day rising up.

The lesson inside it all?

Whatever light you’re seeking is already burning inside you, and talking about it, creating around it, and gathering inside of it brings us that much closer to it, something I already knew but just had to experience from this different perspective.

Magic is magic.

Truth is truth.

The soul-work is the same inside every circle.

Beautiful, indeed.

How lucky I am to witness it all.


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