my First MsC Experience

We went to our first Master/slave Conference (MsC) over Labor Day weekend.  i was definitely excited about going.  It’s something i’ve wanted to attend since i first learned about it in 2010.


The reports i’d heard always included phrases like; life-changing, intense, perspective altering.  Those are some powerful punches for a weekend con to deliver.

So, what’s my report?  i’m not sure i’d choose any of those words but it was definitely a pivotal experience.

In the sea of just over 500 power exchange enthusiasts, i knew or was acquainted with about 25 prior to the event.  i got to spend more time with most of them than i ever had the chance to before and, in some instances, significant strides of connection were made.

That alone would have made the trip a success in my book because cultivating depth in relationships is high on my time-well-spent scale.

We met lots of new people too.  In most cases, it’s too soon to know how much impact we’ll have on each other’s journeys but i’ll surely be paying attention to how things unfold :)

We made full use of the 3 days of class/workshop offerings and attended something in every time slot.

  • i learned about the history of MAsT.  Probably super boring to most folks but i like information :)
  • Protocol and ritual was a well covered topic and we went to one offering – it was ok.  We aren’t big on either in any formal way but it did help me (finally) differentiate between the two in my own mind.
  • i learned a lot more than i knew (or thought i knew) about Leathermen and the Leather community… with plenty left to learn.
  • i thought my ideas about the shape M/s relationships could take was pretty broad. Turns out i had lots of room for growth there too, because before MsC, i doubt i’d have believed that a femme dyke slave and gay Leatherman Master could embody my idea of an M/s relationship, let alone blow my mind with the strength of it!
  • i learned a lot of other things, but the biggest thing i learned was how much more is still available for me to learn!

This weekend was about the people.  There was no dungeon.  There were no hotel room parties -as far as i know.  There were a dozen or so vendors but this weekend was not about indulging in kinky activities or honing toy techniques.

This weekend was about relationships:  the relationship between Master and slave, Owner and property, Dynamic and Community and self and Higher Self.

If i had to pick the most important things i took away…

it would have to be the solid reinforcement that dominance and submission is sacred stuff, made more powerful by our connections in community –that life lived within a power exchange dynamic, does indeed, offer enormous personal & spiritual growth as well as the opportunity to claim a seat at the table of collective consciousness where honor and respect reign.

i came home with an even greater sense of pride for the way Master and i live our lives and the community that embodies.

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