Resistance is Futile

i think about the Berlin Wall a lot.  That seems weird.  Even to me.

Berlin Walli think about how one moment it was a solid mass holding the people on one side in and keeping the ones on the other side out. And in less time than it takes to read this sentence, it cracked open and flow began to resume.

The flow of people.  The flow of energy.  The flow of hope for all things that seem impossible to do or have or change.

For me, that event stands as a powerful illustration of the futility of resisting the natural flow of things. Things will flow naturally  …eventually.

What we oppress, fight, resist, repress will ultimately have its way. The only difference is how much suffering we inflict on ourselves, and others, by resisting.

Resistance takes soooo much effort; requires soooo much energy. Imagine what might be created or accomplished if that energy wasn’t busy resisting?

We are always at choice.


We are free to choose what we believe, how we act, how we react, what we say and type!

i didn’t choose to be a slave. i chose to accept that i am.

That acceptance came slowly after much internal conflict and sooo much resistance.  i spent more time and energy than i can quantify maintaining an internal Berlin Wall to hide the truth from myself, because i was afraid of it.



Silly when you stop to think about – like the child who covers her eyes so you can’t see her. That was me.  Pretending that if i ignored my truth it would somehow not be there.

And then, one day, in one moment, my internal Berlin Wall came down and i discovered (again) that fear is a liar!  Because what was huddled on the other side of that wall with my truth was beautiful, not scary!

Behind that wall i found joy and love and fulfillment and expansiveness and peace.

And once again, surrender revealed its quiet and paradoxical power.

Surrender has been a good teacher and, i suspect, will continue to be as i allow more of my truth to rise and flow.