Seeking Truth

This weekend, Master and i will be leading one of the D/s relationship workshops. We offer a series of 3:

  • The Realities of Power Exchange
  • The Realities of submission
  • The Realities of dominance

Each has a specific focus within the context of identifying your truth as it pertains to living a life that includes power exchange.   And when i say power exchange, i’m talking about a wide spectrum including everything from relatively mild bedroom antics, to 24/7 TPE constructs like the way Master and i live.  It’s a big box with room for a lot of different perspectives.

You might think, “How the heck can you hold workshops that cover such diverse interests?”  It’s not hard really, because…

We don’t focus on what is different about us.  We focus on what is the same.

The thing that is the same for everyone who is attracted to these workshops is their desire to understand their desires better!  People who come to the workshops in this series all want the same thing;  they want to live their truth with peace and serenity.

The truth shall set you free

i’ve been reading Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss.  Devouring it, actually. There’s so much yummy inspiration in it, reading it feels almost decadent!

seek-truth copy

This morning, this particular phrase caught my attention.

 “The obvious is never the whole truth.”

Simple, yet oozing with profundity when you dig at it a bit.

That’s what this workshop series is all about; gently scratching at your own obvious perceptions, thoughts, ideas, beliefs and even fears in search of a better grasp of the truth about your power exchange needs and desires.

Our truth often gets buried beneath layer upon layer of other people’s ideas and beliefs that we take on over the years as our own – mostly without even realizing it.  It seems that an inherent part of the work of being human is the ongoing excavation of our own truth.

And it’s a slippery bugger!  The moment you think you have it figured it out, something comes along to let you know there’s more to be revealed!  And so, we learn our truth in pieces and layers that build upon each other.  Which means, sometimes things that were once true, shift and take on new shapes or become obsolete.

That’s why we offer these classes over and over; because we change as we progress on our journey and we know you do too.  This business of self-discovery never ends.  For as long as we draw breath, there is more we can learn about ourselves and how we can relate more fully to others.

If you’d like to join us this weekend, we still have room for a few more.  If not, then perhaps we’ll have the chance to go on a truth safari together in the future :)