The Best Thing About Camp


Upon returning from our first Camp Crucible experience where we opted for (and highly recommend) the Full Monty of 9 days and 8 nights, i’ve been reflecting on the experience and trying to decide what the best thing about Camp was.

There’s a long list of things to consider and i’ve only mentioned a few here…

Was the best thing about Camp being suspended from the ladder of a fire truck on the very first day?  No, but that was pretty darn awesome!  (i’ll add a photo as soon as one of the official camp photographers sends it along :) i really, really wanted to swing from the top of the fully extended ladder but since the firemen had to be convinced to let us hang people off the truck at all, i was grateful for the flight i had.  There are rumors that the truck will be back next year… perhaps my ultimate dangle wish still has a chance :)


Was the best thing about Camp watching all the pretty ponies at Pony Camp and realizing there’s a wee little filly trotting around in me?  Nope but i had lots of fun admiring them and picking their pony brains.  They sure are a friendly herd :)

Was it starting most days with a trip to the outdoor dungeon for yoga practice? No, but what a great way to work out the kinks ;) from the night before and limber up for what might lie ahead!

in the tree6


Was it making eye contact with a songbird 40 feet off the ground while a light breeze kissed my skin as the sun faded from the bright blue, puffy cloud-dotted sky around me?  You’d think that would definitely be it, but it wasn’t.

Was it the week-long hunt for the Woozle? which, of course, only the Littles could see ;)

woozle capture

No, but the creativity was both inspiring and hilarious and included reports of the Woozle being “serviced” at the Brothel – more than once!   And culminated with his ultimate capture during the Pony Show where the Littles roasted him on the cardboard ACME Woozle Grill they made then served the audience freshly grilled Woozle cock – a little gamey, but tasty :)

Was the best thing about Camp being naked in the woods most of the week or

  • 3 girl human mobileseeing Bald Eagles in flight for the first time or
  • being part of a 3 girl human mobile or
  • all the friendly, kinky people i met?

Nopety no nope.  Those were all great parts of the the week but not the best part.

The best thing about Camp…

was sitting down to the formal dinner on Saturday night and hearing that the “orphan table” – a table that had been set for those who didn’t have a camp family to sit with – was empty.


There were no orphans.  Every single new or unaffiliated campster had been scooped up and taken under the wing of one of the mini families within the larger camp family.   No one was allowed to feel alone or left out.

Some were taken in by Sovereign House, others by the Red Ass Inn, Minnows or Littles. We were guests of Delta Sigma whose week-long hospitality allowed us feel like part of this great big annual family reunion they call Camp Crucible from the moment we arrived.

It was a good week with great people.  We’ll be going back.  Maybe you should join us.