The Feminist slave

Yup, probably one of the most unlikely juxtapositions evah and yet i stand firmly by it, in classic Wonder-Woman style!

Silhouette Superheroine

i view my consensual slavery as a quintessential expression of feminism, because it’s my choice.

According to Merriam-Webster, feminism is

;the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.  

:the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

At a first glance, that seems to muddy the waters, right?

Feminism is about equal rights or egalitarianism, isn’t it? And M/s and D/s are about non-egalitarianism or unequal rights, so how the heck can there be such a thing as a feminist slave?

M/s and D/s are non-egalitarian relationships, based on the consensual and equal exchange of power.

i have not been stripped of my power; i have willingly relinquished authority over it in exchange for the empowerment that comes from what i get in exchange. i could spend days describing what i get in exchange for what i give. What follows is just a puny glimpse.

  • i am not being oppressed by this exchange; i am being elevated by it.
  • my spirit is not being quashed; quite the contrary, it is being cherished and nurtured.
  • i am not living in squalor; i am lovingly cared for.
  • my opinions are not worthless, unwanted or discounted; they are welcome, valued and treasured.
  • my dreams and desires are not unimportant or meaningless; they are encouraged and supported.

i have the good fortune to be owned by a man who highly values his property.  He values my strength as much as the way i serve him.  He cherishes the fact that i can stand on my own two feet but choose to kneel at his.  i know that i am his most prized possession; not just because he tells me so but because he treats me as such.

If it sounds like i live a self-indulgent, pampered life of leisure, void of responsibility, then you’ve glazed over the emphasis on exchange.  That exchange is an elegant, seamless dance between what we each get in exchange for what we each give.

To think that either the Dominant or submissive “has it made” is a fatally flawed misconception; there is GREAT responsibility on both sides of the slash. my spirit is freer than it has ever been but i am in no way free of responsibility!  In fact, i have a greater sense of responsibility in this relationship than i have had in any other.

Dime store fantasy novels may portray the life of a slave as a ticket to a mindless responsibility-free existence but, i can assure you, nothing could be further from the truth in real life, healthy power exchange.

And that is why i am able to wear my collar and my feminism with zero conflict!